Ottawa Home Watch Services

Most insurance policies require that a vacant home be periodically checked to maintain valid insurance. We tailor our services to accommodate the requirements of your insurance and to ensure your home is secure and ready for your arrival home.

Our Home Check Service provides a direct contact for absentee owners, vacationers, business travelers, snowbirds whom are away for a short or extended time period.

We offer basic and customized home checks that will suit your needs and meet your home insurance policy requirements. All visits are conducted at varied times by Balance InStyle staff who are trained, reliable, thorough, insured and police checked.

Daily, weekly, monthly visits to your home to check the interior and exterior. While there, we will turn on the water to flush toilets and run sinks to keep drain traps full. We will also check the exterior for damage, potential problems, make sure any maintenance services are being performed properly, bring in mail and newspapers and notify you of any problems.

Our service includes:

  • We will act as your local point of contact if you have an alarm system that is being monitored.
  • We will arrange to meet vendors for repairs or deliveries (additional fee may be required).
  • We can have your home cleaned before arrival or after your departure (cleaning fee is additional).
  • We will set up your home prior to your return, turn on the water, hot water heater and adjust the thermostat.

If needed we will also recommend qualified contractors for repairs or maintenance services when needed and oversee those services (services are billed separately).