Plans and Pricing for Virtual Personal Assistants

Virtual Personal Assistant Pricing

A Dedicated Ottawa-Based VPA         Same Day Turnaround*         Email and Phone Support

Credit PlansDescriptionHoursPriceTimeSpecial Notes
StarterOur Starter plan is a great way to get introduced to the wonderful world of outsourcing5 hour$199/mth9am-5pmPreferred Concierge Rate of $65/hour for on the ground services.
GrowthOur Growth Plan is perfect for the busy professional who is looking for some additional support without the full-time salary15 hours$599/mth9am-5pm Preferred Concierge Rate of $65/hour for on the ground services.
EntrepreneurOur Entrepreneur Plan is for the delegator who doesn’t have enough time in the day and is looking for support managing their work and life25 hours$999/mth9am-5pm Preferred Concierge Rate of $65/hour for on the ground services.
BalancedOur Balanced Plan gives our busiest clientele a clone of themselves, priority turnaround times and discounted Concierge rates50 hours$1999/mth9am-5pmPreferred Concierge Rate of $65/hour for on the ground services.

Unsure of which plan suits your needs? Give us a call and let’s help you figure it out. 613-440-4446

* Some restrictions apply. For example, if you send a task minutes before the work day closes, it is unlikely to be completed that same day. After all, we have to support our own team’s work-life-balance.

What is a VPA?

A VPA is a Virtual Personal Assistant. Simply put, our job is to make yours easier! It’s the luxury of an Executive Assistant, without the full-time salary.

This service is geared towards busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses faster by enabling them to delegate strategic tasks to their own VPA.

This service is exclusively virtual; we do not run errands or perform in-person physical tasks. However, our team at headquarters can arrange these services as you require, at a discounted rate of $65/hour.

Our VPAs will always do their very best possible to fulfill your requests. When things are questionable, immoral or unethical, your request will be declined. Our VPAs will do their utmost to service your requests, but neither Balance InStyle Inc. nor its operators will be held accountable, liable or financially responsible for any inaccurate information provided.
Please take note that your VPA will not be available 24/7 (after all, they need their rest too). You will be able to reach your VPA on business days Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm EST.

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