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We’re giving you back something that is extremely valuable — your time.


Who are we? Balance InStyle is a Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services company headquartered in Ottawa Canada. EST in 2007.

Why would you consider using our services? Great question. Do you find yourself often overwhelmed? Do you need another you? Do you need more time to enjoy the things that matter? Are you missing out on all the fun because you’re just “too busy”? Are you consumed with the mundane but the necessary, and it’s cramping your style? We understand, we have families too.

What if, you could have all big and little things that eat away at your time be handled by someone else? An expert? Someone who thinks on their feet and who gets results. Intuitive + Intelligent and human not just a piece of technology. Our team at Balance InStyle is here to make that a reality for you. We’ve been in business for 13 years in Ottawa so we have years of experience and a ton of tricks up our sleeves to make all the madness go away! What sets us apart is that we have safe, reliable, pre-cleared partners ready and willing to tackle your needs. You no longer need to make 10 calls to perfect strangers and hope and pray that they will show up and do good work, you only need to make one call to us and it’s handled.

Once upon a time, concierge services used to be only associated with high-end hotels or celebrities, but the new Concierge services are more about saving time.

Think of us as part detective, part air-traffic controller, part magician and part personal assistant. Someone who can take all of the life’s little nuances personal OR professional and just make them all go away.

Fact: Outsourcing frees our clients up to 7 hours a week, time now spent with family, friends or moving the needle forward in their business.

The convenience of being able to send one email or make one phone call to cover a laundry list of tasks is priceless. Let’s face it, adulting is hard but with us on your team, you’ll feel carefree as a kid again in no time.




If you are a victim, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is involved please quote file: 2019-30348 – Please see our Facebook page for the entire scam.

Concierge Services

Give us your to-do list and get on with your love-to-do list.


Virtual Assistant Services

Get help with various administrative tasks for just a fraction of what an in-office EA would cost.


Weddings and Events

We’ve mastered the art of Event Planning and would like to help you celebrate your event InStyle!



With Balance InStyle, you get a personalized and tailored service. Your needs are unique and we take the time to get to know you so we can be proactive on your behalf. We are not a call centre. You actually deal with a live, local person who can make things happen while you are doing what you do best: living! Whether is complete Lifestyle Management solutions, Concierge Services, Virtual Assistance or a combo of all three, we got you!


Time is our most valuable nonrenewable resource and our team works hard to help you make the most of your time by completing those daily to-do’s. Everyone signs confidentiality agreements and are security cleared for your protection.  We’re passionate about hiring people that love to serve and want to make a difference in the lives of others. We believe that the foundation to any successful relationship is trust, and this is why we take security and discretion so seriously. We’ve taken all the precautions to keep your data safe, including automating and encrypting any sensitive information you entrust to us, such as credit cards or login passwords. What can we do help you out with today? 

Amanda O'Reilly

“We earn and deserve the trust of our clients by consistently delivering timely solutions to manage their busy lives. We take care of each and every request as if it were our own.”

– Amanda O’Reilly


What Our Clients Say

  • Highly recommend!! Amanda & Jill are delightful to work with. I look forward to working with them again! Great service, speedy delivery, excellent communication... You couldn't ask for better!! 5 stars!


    Jennifer Lorenzo

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  • Amanda and her team have helped my family and I so much! They are personable, graceful under time pressure, and deeply committed to being of service to their clients. We will use them again in the future and highly recommend Balance InStyle for all your 'personal/executive concierge' needs. Thank you, Amanda and Jill.

    Christopher Chang-Duffet

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  • My todo list vanished after they were on the case.

    Dale Neufeld

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  • Professional and friendly. And great work. I would highly recommend it if you want to buy back some time...

    Eric Collard

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  • Can't speak highly enough of Balance in Style. They have done so much for me and my family over the last (probably) 10 years. They have managed a wedding, renovations, properties and moves in addition to a million and one small tasks that mean I don't have to worry. Give them a chance and you won't regret it!

    Janis Grantham

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  • Working with Balance in Style was efficient, plaisant and satisfactory. When you don't have time to organize things (such as your massive 50th birthday party), they will do everything for you. My concierge, Jill, was available, always happy to help, knowledgeable and just simply adorable! She made my special day a day to cherish forever! I would recommend Balance in Style for all you needs - they have also helped me with house sitting, finding a nanny, a handyman, a decorator and more. Eight years of great collaboration. Thank you!

    Kareen Guida-Nestle

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  • I rated them 5 stars but they truly deserve 10 stars. I have been working with Balance in Style for the last 8 months and they are the BEST. Very professional company and they did an amazing job with every task no matter how big or small. Jill was very fast, efficient and sweet! She is very helpful and went above and beyond to help me with my tasks. Looking forward to giving them more of my stuff to do :-) HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • I started a new business about a year ago, and found that while getting the "big" things done is attainable and what we focus on, it's the little things that get behind. 6 months in, and it was the little things that were starting to have a HUGE impact on my business, as well as my personal life. I was eating take out all the time because I didn't have time to cook or shop. I always working late and missing personal time with my spouse, forgetting to follow up on that low priority business email, double booking meetings, missing birthdays or social events.. you get the drill. I needed a sidekick, someone that would keep me on track, get me going with a "system" to make sure I'm doing what I need to do, and take care of the little things I didn't have time to do. Jill & Amanda @ Balance InStyle have done all that and MORE. I'm still pretty amazed at how quickly they respond, and the things they're able to do. There's literally NOTHING they can't do. Go ahead, ask. I dare you. By being able to help with both business needs and personal stuff, they can truly deliver balance in your life, which has greatly improved my attitude, confidence, my relationship with my spouse and overall happiness. I don't know how I went so long without them!

    Robin Harper

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  • I have used Balance InStyle a few times and they have always saved the day while at the same allowed me to focus on other things. Delightful to deal with, professional and incredibly fast. I would recommend this service for anyone who values their time!

    Rob Imbeault

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  • You and your crew were absolutely phenomenal. Although I knew everything would be handled extremely well, I could not have anticipated all of your exceptional levels of professionalism, service and friendliness. You were absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank you enough. You though of absolutely everything and still filled in the gaps when and where necessary. Your setup, effort, energy and ability to always be 4 steps ahead of everything was a testament to your experience and perfection in this industry. My sincerest thanks. The food was impeccable; and the staff was an amazing enhancement to the party, itself. Their attentiveness and friendly demeanour and seemingly tireless nature reflected only the highest standard - it is clear you only partner with the best. It was as much of an experience having your and your staff there as it was enjoying the party. For that, you have my utmost gratitude. I look forward to engaging you in the same style of activity next year - my 40th! (bitter sweet, I guess). And the following year for a wedding :)

  • Be it the trip of a life time or getting the house cleaned up, getting those impossible tickets or having a leaky pipe fixed, the team at Balance in Style have improved my quality of life while allowing me to focus on my career without having to worry about getting home to meet that plumber, or wait on the phone to get those tickets, or spend the time required to organize that trip.

    Patrick Graham

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  • About the lovely ladies at Balance in Style, I so enjoyed working with Jill and Amanda, both of whom are dreams to work with, and get the job done exactly the way you want it. With their help I was able to manage the preparations for our wedding in Italy with peace of mind and confidence that all the last minute touches and travel plans would be taken care of. Balance in Style stepped up to the task and more. Because of their dedication to detail and professionalism, our wedding was a beautiful success, and our honeymoon afterwards was more than amazing. I cannot thank you enough; you saved me from becoming a bridezilla and allowed us to enjoy our special day! This is a one of a kind business in Ottawa that I fully appreciate and endorse. After our first exceptional experience, I know we will be using Balance in Style in the future.

    Alyssa Beltempo – Stylist

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  • We relocated from Montreal, Balance InStyle helped us achieve a smooth transition. Finding a temporary apartment while we waited for our house to be ready, hiring all the trades and overseeing all of our renovations certainly made things easier! Thanks to the BIS team we were able to meet our deadlines and start our new lives in Ottawa. We even were locked out of our home and the BIS team came to the rescue and climbed thru the window to let us in. ( I was 7 months pregnant). Great service! Highly recommend to anyone looking to reduce stress.

    Cintia Quiroga, PhDh

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  • Your company is an absolute life-saver for our family. Finding reputable trade people is often a challenge; as you know finding someone who is prepared to quote and don’t show up is all too common it seems!! I want to thank-you for your recent referral and your wait service. We arrived home to have our appliances properly repaired & cleaned without having to take another day off of work! It seems our endless list of home and personal errands are consistently done on time, on budget and with an amazing smile. We now actually have food in our fridge at the of the day and come home to a clean and organized home. When our life gets hectic, we now know that we only have ONE call to make! Thanks again for all that you continue to do for our family!!! I am not sure how we did it before you came along? We are really thankful for all that you and your company does!

    Dr & Mrs. L James

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  • Just a quick note to thank-you for your assistance with our move from Ottawa to Kelowna .. As you know, I had full intentions of returning and doing it myself. I am thankful that your company was recommended to me and that you took charge in the way that you did. You went in and saw what needed to be done and took charge. The personal touch of leaving a welcome note to the new owners was so appreciated and reflected on us in a way that we are grateful for. Since we had never met we inquired to the movers what you were like, and they said that you were a pleasure to work with and the type of person that forced them to go the extra mile! You have represented us both very well and professionally and we thank you for that.

    Senator Ross & Linda Fitzpatrick

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  • I found Balance InStyle highly professional and committed to the task. Your ‘can-do’ attitude manifested itself in your diligence and was the reason I could rely on you for quality attention!

    Salman Noor Ali, Dubai

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  • Balance InStyle has an interior design flair that transformed my condominium into a living space that brought flattering comments from everyone and was a key factor in realizing its sale. Thanks so much!

    Jim McFall – IBM

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  • Thanks again for your amazing support during our last few weeks in Ottawa. We couldn’t have survived without you and have spread your name liberally throughout all our friends. Your company has been a terrific boon to our move. You have every reason to be proud of what you have established.

    Brenda Reid & Peter Cameron

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  • This evening was a huge success and much in part to your professionalism and unique special touches. A new standard has now been set for retirements in the policing industry. You provided much positive energy and great ideas to help us transform an evening into a memorable event. Sincere thanks!

    Ottawa Police Services

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  • I can’t say enough about how much Balance InStyle has helped me to preserve my sanity with the crazy schedule my wife and I have. Amanda and her team just take the little chores and make them go away … the kinds of things they do for us are endless, organizing work to be done, letting people in while we are away, picking up dry cleaning, responding to the security company, picking up groceries and even booking limos, getting tickets for shows etc. The icing on the cake was the kitchen makeover we had., while on a week’s vacation! Amanda handled everything … design, sourcing, project management and implementation. We had a complete kitchen makeover while we were away for a week. it was like something from a TV show!!

    Kevin Dee

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  • Honestly, you have been a godsend and have been so tremendously helpful in this very complicated, detailed little operation of bringing our beloved pet home to us. It is very difficult to coordinate things while overseas and you were so on top of everything and kept us updated as the process went along!! It was a sigh of relief for us and took off so much of the pressure and concern. I think from the first email we immediately felt like we were in good hands. We’ll be back in Ottawa within the next two years so will definitely call you up again!

    Karen Sanghera

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  • On behalf of the IBM Ottawa Smarter Cities Challenge team, I want to thank you and Jill for your exceptional service in supporting the IBM employees and the grant project for the city of Ottawa. As the logistics manager for the grant program, my goal is to hire a vendor who can provide the team with an exceptional experience. As you know, the team's three week engagement was very intense. They worked very long hours to deliver to the city a road map of short to long term goals around energy efficiency and smart grid technology. By having you handle all of their day to day personal needs, it allowed the team to focus their efforts on their work. You did a fabulous job of finding a private home for the team to live in that was well appointed and exceeded our needs.. The weekend activities you arranged were a great diversion from the work and really allowed the team to enjoy the wonderful amenities the city and region has to offer. I was especially impressed with the Team Building Activity you created. I can't thank you enough for all of the extra things you did that were certainly not part of our agreement. From bringing the team dinner one night in the pouring rain to allowing us to use your space for a cocktail reception. Your approach to serving your client is very refreshing. I felt like we were partners from the moment I hired you and I knew that while I was several thousand miles away, the team was being well cared for by you and Jill.Thank you for your commitment to the project and for making the team feel so at home in Ottawa.

    Anne C. McNeill

    Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs
    Smarter Cities Challenge Logistics Manager Continue reading

  • I discovered Balance InStyle only recently and wish I had found them earlier. They have earned my complete confidence and made my life easier in too many ways to mention. They are always quick and efficient and found solutions for my problems. Whether it was arranging for repairs around my condo, checking up on things while I was away or generally doing things that I was too busy to get done, I have been very pleased with their services. One of the major benefits is that as they are regular users of trades people, I find that I always get first class service when I go through Balance InStyle.

    Robert Dunlop

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  • We as a Corporation were very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with your team. We had guests coming from all over the world and this was a major milestone for our company. We wanted to make sure that the event was special You were extremely easy to work with, always available for consultation and were very prompt in keeping us up-to-date on the planning activities. You demonstrated a very broad imagination and were able to plan very exciting Amazing Race Team Building activity for our 100 employees to participate in. You were also very artistic and creative turning our evening event venue into a rep carpeted affair. You were extremely resourceful in keeping the events close to the vicinity of the company and within budget. In the end, many compliments were received from the guests, the employees on how much fun the 30th Anniversary Party was. It will be remembered by all for a long time. You are credited for these feelings. I would highly recommend your company and would have no hesitation using your services again in the future.

    Eleanor Hodgson

    Vice President Operations at Senstar Corporation Continue reading

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