Anne C. McNeill

On behalf of the IBM Ottawa Smarter Cities Challenge team, I want to thank you and Jill for your exceptional service in supporting the IBM employees and the grant project for the city of Ottawa. As the logistics manager for the grant program, my goal is to hire a vendor who can provide the team with an exceptional experience. As you know, the team’s three week engagement was very intense. They worked very long hours to deliver to the city a road map of short to long term goals around energy efficiency and smart grid technology. By having you handle all of their day to day personal needs, it allowed the team to focus their efforts on their work. You did a fabulous job of finding a private home for the team to live in that was well appointed and exceeded our needs.. The weekend activities you arranged were a great diversion from the work and really allowed the team to enjoy the wonderful amenities the city and region has to offer. I was especially impressed with the Team Building Activity you created. I can’t thank you enough for all of the extra things you did that were certainly not part of our agreement. From bringing the team dinner one night in the pouring rain to allowing us to use your space for a cocktail reception. Your approach to serving your client is very refreshing. I felt like we were partners from the moment I hired you and I knew that while I was several thousand miles away, the team was being well cared for by you and Jill.

Thank you for your commitment to the project and for making the team feel so at home in Ottawa.

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