Dan A

You and your crew were absolutely phenomenal. Although I knew everything would be handled extremely well, I could not have anticipated all of your exceptional levels of professionalism, service and friendliness. You were absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank you enough. You though of absolutely everything and still filled in the gaps when and where necessary. Your setup, effort, energy and ability to always be 4 steps ahead of everything was a testament to your experience and perfection in this industry. My sincerest thanks. The food was impeccable; and the staff was an amazing enhancement to the party, itself. Their attentiveness and friendly demeanour and seemingly tireless nature reflected only the highest standard – it is clear you only partner with the best. It was as much of an experience having your and your staff there as it was enjoying the party. For that, you have my utmost gratitude. I look forward to engaging you in the same style of activity next year – my 40th! (bitter sweet, I guess). And the following year for a wedding 🙂

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