Time is a Valuable Asset

Why us? Because at Balance InStyle we support you by taking care of an array of time-consuming daily tasks that could be weighing you down. Life happens fast in this new world we live in, and every day there is a mix of work and life tasks that demand our attention and this often creates high levels of stress.

Your busy-ness is our business. Our services are designed to have immediate side effects of reduced stress, increased focus and overall productivity. Our personal concierges, responds to every need, from running the simplest errands to satisfying complex, time-consuming requests.

Why Us

Why us? Because we only hire the best.  Our detail-oriented people strive to provide our clients with the best assistance period. Every single member of our team goes through a rigorous, multi-step vetting and screening process, including background and police checks. Each team member also signs an iron-clad confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of every client. We believe that the foundation of any successful relationship is trust—this is why we take security and discretion so seriously.

We’ve also gone to great lengths to ensure your online transactions with us are completely safe and secure. Our online transactions are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption and are compliant with the strictest PCI requirements (Level 1). An extra layer of security is achieved with two-factor authentication.

We Do Everything

As seen in Flare Magazine, Maclean’s, Food & Drink, House & Home, Ottawa Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen and the Ottawa Business Journal, CBC and CTV.

Times have changed and so have people’s needs. Our services are a low-cost solution that meets a variety of needs through a single provider with one call.

We come to the rescue and offer a myriad of services that include thinking outside the box when it comes to finding that perfect gift, researching and coordinating that long overdue family vacation, securing notary services, booking private jets, helping with retirement arrangements for aging parents, sourcing reliable trades, walking your dog … oh, yeah and canceling your dinner date and asking him to never contact you again. ( True story ) Yes, friends; so long as it is legal, moral and ethical we have done it, and more.

A Sample of things we’ve done

  • I would like to send an employee who is retiring to Paris as a thank you for 25 years of service. Can you please create an itinerary for five days and include must-see local attractions and arrange advance passes for access and book them into some great restaurants? – Done! Booked and she enjoyed every single minute!
  • My spouse is terminally ill. I need help making all the arrangements and some help with downsizing our home. Can you help? Packed. Organized and moved!
  • I don’t want to hire an assistant but desperately need help managing my calendar, travel schedule and other admin duties. Can you help? Success! Using our Virtual Assistants for on-going support and daily management.
  • I land in NYC at 9:30pm and need my hair cut in my room before dinner. Can you please have someone standing by? Done! waiting in the lobby upon check-in.
  • I started a renovation a year ago and it isn’t complete. I don’t have the time with my travel schedule to project manage and be home to let trades in. Can you help? Done! And they lived happily ever after.
  • I want to propose and marry my girlfriend during our upcoming trip to the Bahamas. Can you help me with ideas on how to propose and arrange the ceremony, dress and secret videographer to capture it all for our friends and family to see? Done! She said yes to him and the dress! We sent two wedding dresses and captured it all on video for the family.
  • My property is for sale and isn’t selling. Do you think you can attend the showings and get some feedback and make some recommendations? Done! Kitchen and Bathroom reno complete, house sold shortly thereafter!
  • Can you “Secret Shop” all my locations and let me know what the “true” customer experience is really like? Done! Some people got promoted, others not so much.
  • Help! we just got the airport and realize we can’t take our dog with us to Australia. Picked up Jersey and brought him to vet appointments for blood work, microchip install, and clearance checkups. Coordinated a CFIA Vet to meet us at the airport to inspect the dog and seal the crate.Purchased Jersey’s “plane ticket” and bid him adieu! 
  • I just got promoted and my house hasn’t sold. The acquisition company is in Toronto and they have no one in Ottawa to help with all that needs to get done, can you help? – We took care of all the appraisals, inspections, repairs and the house closed in her absence!
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