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Ottawa Corporate Concierge Services

Today’s busy workforce needs realistic benefits that solve day-to-day challenges and maximize convenience. Concierge Services are a benefit that employees will appreciate. It’s a tool that helps employers attract quality employees AND retain them. We provide a unique and scalable corporate concierge program which is designed to help meet the demand for an improved work/life balance, drive engagement, boost employee productivity, and enhance company culture.

By offering concierge services to your team you are in essence sucking the stress out of adulting. After 10 years in the game, we realize while we are all the same, we all use our time differently and we all have different pain points.

Because concierge service helps reduce employee stress, it’s a natural fit with wellness and EAPs. This highly attractive benefit acts as a personal assistant to employees and family members, helping employers boost productivity, reduce stress, and absenteeism. With unlimited resources and referrals provided for everyday challenges, Balance InStyle is here to help improve the quality of life and happiness of your team.

Maybe your team has a big project coming up and you need another set of hands and eyes on deck? That’s where our virtual plans come in handy. Our plans enable multiple team members to share a single account. Now your team can use our services as a shared resource. Our model delivers a high-touch service at a monthly rate that is less than the cost of a full-time hire. To learn more about how these plans can benefit your team please see our Virtual Assistant section or Contact us today to create a custom plan to suit your companies needs.

To learn more about customized Corporate programs please give us a call or send us an email.

9 out of 10

Surveyed said that the ability to balance their work and personal life is the key factor in determining their commitment to their employer

Work-Life Balance

Work/life balance is a key issue and it affects every business. Employees are stressed facing longer work days and added responsibility and not enough time to tend to the day-to-day.  Concierge services are not just a feel-good perk; these types of services actually offer direct ROI in the form of improving retention, engagement, and productivity.

By offering this benefit, you are sending the right message to your staff: that their time is important and they matter. Many employees today are finding it more and more difficult to balance their careers, tend to additional chores not to mention be present for their families and friends. You are helping them in their war on time as you fight the war for talent. Fortune Magazine listed concierge service as one of “Top 10 Benefits” offered by its list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

  • 87% of employees surveyed said they would work harder for a company that helped them manage personal challenges.
  • 82% of employees surveyed rate feeling “valued and appreciated” by their employer as the single most important aspect of their working lives.
  • 93% of responders spent work time handling personal matters—e.g., ordering items online, running errands, shopping nearby, researching family vacations or retirement homes for their aging parent. (Captivate 2013)
  • 92% of employees admitted to taking personal or sick days just to get errands done. (Overworked American by: Juliet Schor)

When your employees can delegate time-consuming details and nuisance tasks to another, you give them back the most precious commodity of all: FREE TIME.

Differentiate your organization by incorporating concierge services into your wellness or benefits program. Or recognize your people with the “gift of time” certificate as a fresh alternative to traditional gifting.

Case Studies

Case Study: IBM

For three weeks, IBM’s top talent was sent to Ottawa to address critical challenges facing our city. This team of 7 was on the ground for three weeks working closely with our city leaders to deliver recommendations on how to make the city smarter and more effective. Balance InStyle was hired to be their personal concierge for a month. Our challenge was finding, renting and furnishing a private home in Ottawa for three weeks, with 7 separate living quarters. The additional requests for the home were unique and varied: Daily petty cash, boosting the internet, heightening security, last minute event planning, private gym memberships, doctor visits, juggling surprise meetings and meals, airport drop offs and package deliveries.

The team was not allowed to spend any of their own money while in Ottawa. Balance InStyle was to manage all the transportation, car rentals, meals, daily groceries, dry cleaning, laundry, house cleaning daily, site-seeing tours, two team-building activities, bike rentals, deliveries, last minutes requests and all reservations.

The end result was:

“On behalf of the IBM Ottawa Smarter Cities Challenge team, I want to thank you and your team for your exceptional service in supporting the IBM employees and the grant project for the City of Ottawa. As the logistics manager for the grant program, my goal is to hire a vendor who can provide the team with an exceptional experience. As you know, the team’s three-week engagement was very intense. They worked very long hours to deliver to the city a roadmap of short-to long-term goals around energy efficiency and smart grid technology. By having you handle all of their day-to-day personal needs, it allowed the team to focus their efforts on their work.
You did a fabulous job of finding a private home for the team to live in that was well-appointed and exceeded our needs. The weekend activities you arranged were a great diversion from the work and really allowed the team to enjoy the wonderful amenities the city and region has to offer. I was especially impressed with the Team-Building Activity you created which incorporated a charitable giveback. I can’t thank you enough for all of the extra things you did that were certainly not part of our agreement, from bringing the team dinner one night in the pouring rain to allowing us to use your space for a cocktail reception. Your approach to serving your client is very refreshing. I felt like we were partners from the moment I hired you and I knew that while I was several thousand miles away, the team was being well cared for by your team at Balance InStyle”.

“Thank you for your commitment to the project and for making the team feel so at home in Ottawa.” Anne C. McNeill – Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs

Case Study AVG
The Problem:  AVG’s team of CEO’s and VP’s were spending upwards of 20 hours a day at work 7 days a  working on a merger over 5-6 month period. The energy was draining, moods were shifting, upheaval on the home front was ensuing. They had no time to spare in the day to pick up dry cleaning, take their car in for repair, run errands, contribute on the home front thus leaving the balance of all the responsibilities and adulting to their spouse, or to it not getting done at all. Not surprisingly, this caused the AVG team members to become stressed-out, less productive, unhappy and less able to provide exceptional client care and manage their teams effectively and be clear about the merger at hand.

The Solution: Balance InStyle began delivering On-Call concierge services to their team of 50 upper management and began supporting their families at home. This support and time-saving personal assistance was immediately successful and quickly became a key driver of employee satisfaction and productivity. It reduced stress for the employee and leveled the playing field for the spouse at home.

The Results:  Because of its commitment to the employee experience, AVG had a success merger. The VP’s personal lives were transformed and stress was reduced on the home front which transformed the working environment.

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